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Hi Darrel & Mindy,

Just wanted to give you an update on Finn (Ellie's 3/15/16 litter). He is doing really well and our entire family has fallen in love with him! He loves to run and play in grandma's yard and he thinks it's funny to chase the kids up on the furniture! Thank you for providing us with such an amazing puppy and we look forward to getting our next puppy from you soon!

The Henriquez Family



Just a quick note to thank you and keep you updated on "Nort."  He is 18 weeks old today, and has been an excellent dog!  He was bred from Katie and Tru.  From the minute we brought him home, he has fit right in and his training is progressing very well.  By no means am I a professional handler, but the quality of breeding sure makes things easier.  At his young age, Nort has many things mastered,  Sit, stay, come, heel, place, and kennel (field and home), were commands he was learning at nine weeks old.  He has also taken to the water like a fish and loves to swim. I have seen dogs twice his age that can't do half of what he can. Thanks again for a great pup, he is a great addition to our family, and will be a wonderful waterfowl dog!

Justin & Ashley Huffman

Camden, Drake, and Abe

Eldridge, Iowa


Hi Darrel,

Shadow is 1 year old now and we just wanted to thank you for the wonderful dog. From the moment we brought him home he has been great. Completing his house training was very quick and easy. He has a great personality, is very friendly, smart and has endless amounts of energy. We could not be any happier or say enough good things about Shadow.

Thanks again,

Phil, Alma, Zach and Faith Wieland 



Hello Darrel!

Wanted to give you an update on our puppy, Gypsy! She is over 20 lbs already and loves playing, swimming, and training for bird hunting. Here are a couple pictures to give you an idea on how much she has grown. We can not thank you enough for such a great addition to the family! We have already recommended you multiple times to friends, and will continue to do so.

Thanks again,
Luke and Krista


Darrel and Mindy,

I wanted to give an updated on Remi our 7 month old lab. This is our third lab but our first from Kountry Kennel. Remi is incredibly smart, loyal, and very calm. She was retrieving in her first months of life. She gets along well with everyone including other dogs especially our 8 year old chocolate lab. She has been a wonderful addition to our family. Her favorite spot is on our laps. We are currently contemplating getting another lab and will only get one from Kountry Kennel. The entire experience was wonderful. I would not hesitate to recommend Kountry
Kennel to anyone. Darrel and Mindy are wonderful to work with and it is clear that they love each and every dog!

Bobby and Megan Weeks


Daisy May is a great little girl, still only 45 pounds at 6 1/2 months. She is very athletic and scared of nothing, which kinda scares me. She loves to go up on slides at playgrounds and slide down. She is great around kids from infant on up, as long as she doesnt knock them down.


Dear Darrel,
I just wanted to send you an update on Coda Mae. She'll be 10 months old this week and is an absolute gem. She's very smart and sweet. She loves to give EVERYBODY kisses. I've taken her through puppy and obedience class. I'm going to sign her up for agility soon too! She's about 45-50 pounds and still thinks she belongs on my lap. Her best friend in the whole world is my parents' dog Ellie. She and Ellie love to chase each other around and play toys. I've attached some recent photos of Coda and Ellie.

Kristy Jackson

P.S. Thank you for all you do when you breed your labs. Coda is an amazing dog - I couldn't have asked for more!



Hi Darrel,

This is Cynthia Schweigert from WCIA's Morning Show.
You may remember, we got a dog from you from Katie's litter that was born on April 19th.
We named him Wrecker.
Our dog is amazing and we're so happy with him.
I thought you might want to see how he's doing- we brought him on the Morning Show a few weeks ago- here's the link.

Hope all is well with you,


Hi Darrel,

Just wanted to send you some update picture of Madison. She's getting so big. She's very well behaved. She knows a couple tricks and she even successfully jumped through a hoop (once). But as the photo shows, she'd rather carry the hoop around and try to eat it instead.

She's made a ton of friends in the neighborhood; a few puppies and a few older dogs. She's got a ton of energy so some of the older dogs can only handle her for a bit. Tara and I are having so much fun raising her.

I added a few recent pics for you. We've recently started a blog for her so that we can keep all of her pictures there for our friends and family to see. It's still a work in progress but the site is

Hope all is well with you!


Ian Anderson


Darrel & Mindy,

Here are a few pictures from Cabela's first couple trips to the quarry. She is a great dog and we love her!! She's smart - she's already learned some commands.

Thank you!

Don & Dora Immke


Hi Darrel,

We purchased a female Chocolate Lab puppy from you in 1995.  She crossed over the rainbow bridge in the fall of 2008, four months short of her 14th birthday. Kallie was a wonderful dog. We still miss her. We have had several dogs over the years. We still have four smaller dogs who were all around when we had Kallie. Kallie was the healthiest of any dogs we have had. She had cancer at the end of her life. I believe she would have otherwise lived to be 15 or older. She was so full of life up to her last three months. Kallie was a great companion to us, our kids, and any other animals in our lives.

Last year we moved out to a place in the country on 8 acres. We live adjacent to a forest preserve with horse and walking trails. Kallie would have loved it here. We have adopted some rescue horses (had horses growing up) so we also ride on the horse trails. We would highly recommend you to anyone looking for a Lab puppy.

Thank you for breeding responsibly and for caring about what happens to the puppies you sell. I remember when Kallie was a puppy, you checked up on us to see how everything was going and were willing to take your puppies back if the situation didn't work. If only all breeders would care about their animals like you do! Just wanted to give you a late thank you!

Donna Roach




Here is a picture for Halloween coming up.  Right now he is about 42 lbs and healthy as can be.  Smart too, and he loves to run on trails with me.  He is by far the quickest learner dog I have ever had.

Neil Prisbe

Neil 1          Neil 2



Dear Mr. & Mrs. Frichtl,

I wanted to write to you regarding the puppy I purchased in October 2008. My family got a yellow lab from you. We named her Suzy. When we brought her home we were very impressed with the ease of housebreaking her. I know that you start this process before the puppies leave. Even knowing this, I was shocked at how well she did. She had very few accidents and was able to make it through the night after just a few days. I have had numerous puppies, but the one from you was by far the easiest to housebreak. One of the reasons we bought Suzy was for hunting. She loves to retrieve! When we are training or hunting she never wants to stop. Suzy also spends a lot of time at the nursing home where I work. The residents there love her and look forward to her visits. She is always very calm and patient during her visits. I just wanted to thank you for all of the hard you put in with your puppies. I look forward to getting another puppy from you someday! Thank you again for such a wonderful dog.

Sincerely, Carrie Schmidt



From Colby's Family:

Over the years, Colby has been a healthy and wonderful companion for me and my wife.  We are happy that you continue to breed high-quality Labs and we will refer other prospective Lab owners to you.  In fact, we learned of your business from the owners of one of your puppies in late late 1999 or early 2000.   Thank you again...   

D.H.,    North Suburbs of Chicago


                   (Click on pic to view.)

Colby is the son of Nikki and Simon, born 19 December 2000.




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